Monday, July 7, 2008


there is a huge international problem facing us. i thought we had rid ourselves of this evil in the early 90s. but this travesty still plagues us.

WHY cannot we move on from the days of WHITE SKECHERS.

they are always a fashion no.

this crisis was brought to my attention during my recent visit to the ocean city boardwalk in maryland.
white tank tops, stone washed jeans, slicked back pony tails, fake gaudy sunglasses, and white skechers.


please. if you come in contact with this villain, BURN THEM.
now. don't wait.

thank you for doing your part to save the world.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This picture is mind-blowing for several reasons:
1) It's star-packed, with the best stars you can pack into one picture. There's Bowie, Iman and Lesley Gore.

2) Fucking Lesley Gore and Bowie are shaking hands. Can you imagine the type of electricity and greatness that handshake posesses?

3) Ok, that's pretty much it. Just Lesley Gore and David Bowie shaking hands. And if you don't know who Lesley Gore is aside from a reference from John Water's "Hairspray", shame on you. Part of the "Girl Group" movement, she sang, "It's My Party", "You Don't Own Me" and co-wrote "Out Here On My Own" - that's right - that song from "Fame" sang by Irene Cara. That incredible, squeaky clean Doris Day-ish woman also came out in 2005, at the age of 63. Incredible.