Saturday, June 28, 2008


Throw back Tegan and Sara song: My Number 
I love this song with alllll myy <3>

My Number - Tegan And Sara

hey now

Chris Brown and Ciara KILLING IT at the BET awards

Usually I would have mah gurl Rihanna's back (luv you girl hey now) 
but Ciara kills it to the point where i actually took my eyes off of CB. 
check it out bbbbbbb

Thursday, June 26, 2008

give meee

lisa perry you rock. i heart you and all of your fabulousness
now give me all your CLOTHESS preetttyyyy please

check out her fall collection :

It is toooooooo cute!!!!!


cutttiee things that put a smile on mah face

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gotta have em gotta have em gotta have em

Damn, even Imelda Marcos would be jealous if you got your hands on a pair of these...especially since there are only 178 of them world wide:

click the pic to check out busy p and some hot sneaks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our Dirty Little Secret

YES, we remember every word. 
YES, we lost a little respect for ourselves 
YES, we are OK with it


After that Haley Joel rant...I couldn't help it with this next post. 

Thank you Chuck Norris
Thank you CBS
Thank you Conan O'Brien

He is a little visitor now...

If you liked that Haley Joel Osment jawn

A&E added a new reality tv show to their new monday night line up.  While I was upset that Paranormal State (yes, the show about Penn State kids ghost hunting LUVS it.. judge meee) was not going to be following Intervention I was relieved that another paranormal reality show jacked that time slot 



exploiting kids with some serious emotional and psychological issues?
NO WAY....... it is TV at its finest. 

Who wouldn't believe REAL kids
 seeing their own versions of Mischa Barton?

 ew wtfz. 
Yes, I have it TIVOED.
I so badly want to believe.....

Haley is lookin good these days. You know, In a haley joel kind of way...

You will be missed. :(

George Carlin...we love you.

Finally a song I can relate to

Heidi Montag has a new song out and I must say I am completely satisfied. It is everything I expected and more.

Read the lyrics for yourself kidz. Who doesn't love FASHION?

I mean....
"I’m too fabu-lous
I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts
I live to be model thin
Dress me, I’m your manne-quin"

like omg, did she read my diary?

I need, some new stile-ttos
Can’t walk, down the street in those
You are, who you wear it’s true
A girl’s just as hot as the store she chooses

such an amazing role model to all those pre teens that watch the hills religiously. seriously gurllll, i couldn't have said it better myself.

and lets talk about the repeating gets me everytime

Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be
Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

No, put those clothes on ME.... i wish I were you Heidi, youre so so lucky!!
omg I am sure Spencer is so so proud. 

lol xoxo tooo cutttieeeeeeee

This post it dedicated to Spencer Pratt everyone. 
For making Heidi who she is today. 

Thank you Heidi and Spencer for your unhealthy and completely destructive relationship for amusing me on a daily basis.  First a reality show and then a music career.  When are these two going to hit the silver screen? 

Monday, June 23, 2008

my favorite band

Nammnaala Timshel Band, sama xarit Abdoulaye ak sama xol Francois. jerejefwaaye. ba ci kanam inshallah.

da booty

Ladies, it is OKAY to have curves. More importantly, it is OKAY to have a little junk in the trunk. An ass can be an accessory so flaunt it, love it, BE PROUD OF IT. So my advice to all you bonita applebums out there... shake that ass girl because you world renowned.

I mean...Even R Kelly is feelin' on yo booty.
So hit up this jam and love your lady lumps.


Bust seriously girls, all jokes aside, love your body. Appreciate your curves. Learn to love feeling like a woman, a real woman with the curves you were born to rock. Be proud of who you are and be proud of your body. Because confidence is infinitely sexier than any body image.  

Like my girl, the queen bee....
Queen Latifa
now this is a woman!

MTV debuted Shawty Lo's "Foolish Remix"

I may wind up eating my words on this one because sometimes songs need to grow on me, and I'd be dissing a serious candidate for The 2008 Summer Joint, but something's missing.

High octane beat? Check. Heavy cadence characteristic of southern hip hop that make you nod your head like a narcoleptic? Check. Party time spirit? Uh huh. Collabo with DJ Khaled? Yep. CAMEOS BY WEEZY F. BABY, Rick Ross and Jim Jones?! YEAH IT'S FUCKING THERE. So what's wrong? All the elements and important name dropping are there, yet something is amiss.

The whole argument of hip hop being dead is approaching the "fact" line, but what can recucitate hip hop's waning cred is putting the emphasis back on a tight flow. I'm on Shawty Lo's adversary, T.I.'s side. I really believe T.I.P when he proclaims himself the King of the South, because he has all these elements (except not as much name dropping, because fuck you T.I. doesn't need anyone) AND lyrics/flow that really make you say "wow, can't fuck with this guy. he really is the southern hip hopasaurus rex." Whatever happened to rapping TO the beat? And if it's a banging beat, you really can't go wrong. Don't get lost in the flash and the bling. Imagine if Shawty Lo had a really tight flow? This song would be absolutely MIND BLOWING.

I really want to like this song, I do. But lack of flow is keeping me from fully committing to lending my approval. All I'm saying is a little less flossy flossy, and a little more flow. Is that too much to ask for?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

10 reasons black men are better

1. rippling bodies coated in a chocolatey exterior
2. moves that make you want that lovey dovey, that kiss kiss. because in your mind your fantasizing about getting with him.

3. fierce style with fierce attitude. 
4. an understanding of the importance of accessorizing 

5. sexily cocky confidence and a swagger that makes you wanna lick the rapper... err wrapper 

6. inseparable combination pride and passion
7. natural rhythm

8. confident determination

9. soul and spirit

10. and oh my fucking god... just mmmm mmmmmm.

thank you to contributions from reggie bush, chris brown, common, pharrell, lil' wayne, el hadj diouf, bob marley, barack obama, jimi hendrix, and tyson beckford.

date me

nick simmons 

Saturday, June 21, 2008


RDJ...we love you

Monday, June 16, 2008


Or buy lollapallooza ticket?
Who can't rationalize buying the $205 ticket?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you liked that Maya jawn....Ghetto Superstar

Or a dolly parton fan.....

Constantines and Feists: Islands in the Stream.

toooo cute I cant handle itttttttttt

Click Picture to Listen!

you melttttt my heartttt <3 <3 <3

She And Him on NPR and Lillywhite Session!!!!!

Click pic to hear 3 awesome tracks and interview!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bring it back?


Bring back the threads.

But the new jam?........

Flat Top?

Awwwww yeahhhhhhhhhh


CW if you ruin this for me....

I so badly want to hate the concept but i am almost positive it will be a guilty pleasure. Two things to look forward to about the new 90210.... Jessica Walter from Arrested Development as Lucille Blooth. God bless that woman. Second, Lori Loughlin. I honestly can not see this woman anything but full house or a Lifetime original movie. However, Lori, you have me intrigued


Weddings Bells, Wedding Hells

Today there was a moment that will change my life for ever. 

It was my first time.

It was right there, on my floor waiting for me.

Wrapped tightly, begging me it to open it.

The letter that contained the invitation to my friend's wedding. 

This is my first invitation to a wedding from someone I actually know. And now I am afraid. Shaking in my boots. Because once this has started, its not going to stop. More and more will be coming. And I don't want it to happen. I'm not ready for this. Im starting to feel like Carrie Bradshaw. Before things actually worked out for her.

Commitment, you are my biggest fear. I am staying as far away as I can from that goddamned bouquet. Someone find get a gay boy and a beer.

best of luck to everyone who actually has a big enough heart and/or soul to let someone aside from themselves in.


i know light boys aren't in right now, but we makin a comeback.

every valuable life lesson worth knowing can be learned in this movie:
stop going to school. stop watching mtv. stop everything. and watch this.


givee meeeeee

for the beach:

one piece. classic. $98 Dolce Vita Sandals $80




Sunday, June 8, 2008

Essential items for the broke ass

1. Hydrate
99 cent Arizona Ice tea

Sweet Tea, Green Tea, Raspberry, maybe an Arnold Palmer, whatever the flavor they are all phenomenal and I cant find anything more delicious and economical than the Arizona pounders to wet my whistle.

2. Hungry?
99 cent Capellini Pasta

At this point I really can't eat pasta any longer, any thing involving carbs and marinara sauce really. Butttt when you broke... a couple packs of capellini pasta for 99 cent is where it is at. Think about it... cheap, delicious, and who doesn't love left over pasta when you are drunk at 3 am? I know I do.

3. Addiction?
Buy one get one

Habitually, I am am avid Camel Lights smoker but when the money is a little tight, you make exceptions. I mean heaven forbid we quit... the healthy and economical route. So, the buy 1 get one of Parliaments Lights at CVS has literally saved me and JMJ's life, so to speak. Thank you Phillip Morris USA and thank you Consumer Value Store.

4. Thirsty?
3 buck Chuck

Charles Shaw, it'll get ya drunk. Listen, if you are on a serious budget, need some serious social lubrication, and can not stomach another $1 beer happy hour at McFads, 3 buck chuck is the way to go. 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon for six bucks is not a bad gig. Thank you trader joes...for making my life so much easier.

Words of Wisdom

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Khaki is Whacki

Today is the most miserable type of Washington days. The sun is shining, birds are singing, tourists running around with their Kodak EasyShare cameras, and humidity that won't let anyone enjoy it. Humidity. More than moisture in the air. The type of humidity that as soon as you walk outside of your air conditioned residence, you feel as if someone has smothered you with a pillow and thrown warm stale bath water all over you. It is my third summer here in the District. And while there is nothing as good as summer in the city, days like this just make you want to lock yourself inside with a XXL Slurpee from 7-11 and wake up when the brutality is over. 
In attempts to escape the confines of my lovely little house, I (of course) have been indulging in too many cigarettes on the front stoop. There isn't much to do out here. I face a concrete building and a somewhat busy road. After a while all the cars begin to look the same. The only thing to hold my interest is the people walking past me. And let me tell you. Today, I have witnessed the most heinous of crimes. 

Men of the world. Listen to me. If you dress like this:
YOU BORE ME. For the love of God. How many people a day do I see walking by wearing gray shirts and khaki pants/shorts. This must stop. Why are we all so afraid to express ourselves?! I don't care if you look "clean cut" or put together. Have fun with yourself (and not just while viewing It's summer. You're alive. Show me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

An Obligatory Introduction

An empty bottle, a full ashtray, a half consumed large Domino's pizza. The normal inspirations. Dr. Drea and I have longed considered recording our late night conversations into the world of blogging. But for some reason, that out-of-focus alcohol-induced dialogue never seemed as great the next morning. Now we have made a vow to do what we have always talked about thanks to our new inspiration: our front stoop. Dr. Drea and I have been passionate cigarette smokers for many years now. Love of Camels solidified our love for each other. And the front stoop of the buildings we have lived in together serve as the alter of our conviction for the nicotine cause. 

The last four months have been trying times for our late night cigarette encounters. I was away in the lovely Dakar, Senegal while Dr. Drea remained in the District of Capitalism. We were gloriously reunited two weeks ago when we moved into a small townhouse together for the summer. As if someone upstairs in the big blue knew our deepest desires, our adorable little townhouse came adorned with a moss-covered brick front stoop. It's a tiny stoop. Nothing to brag about. But perfect for two good friends to sit and share cigarettes and stories. 

And here we are. I am jobless until next week. Addicted to watching old Sex and the City reruns on HBO. Making pointless trips to Trader Joes and CVS just to get out of the house. Taking care of a stomach parasite (lovingly named Wilbur) that followed me from Senegal. Temporarily relying on Dr. Drea's tanning salon paycheck for food and cigarettes. And even if not one person reads this blog, it will give me some satisfaction that the hours of sitting on our front stoop are not lost into humid afternoons and chilly evenings. Those moments will instead be recorded on cyberspace for our friends to read between their hours Facebooking stalking and checking PerezHilton's latest posts. 

Peace, love, and respect for Kim Cattrall's sex life,